In-Office Laser Surgery

Turn your clinic to a state-of-the-art O.R.

Posterior Nasal Nerve (Laser) Ablation

For allergic and non-allergic rhinitis

Laser Disruption of Tongue Biofilm

For oral wellness and fresh breath

PNN Laser Ablation

Nasal congestion and obstruction with watery rhinorrhea (nasal drip). Possible symptoms include itchy nose, sneezing and runny nose. Nasal obstruction may aggravate sleeping conditions and snoring

In-Office Laser Surgery Procedures

● Ablation of septal swell bodies
● Ablation of inferior turbinates
● Control of anterior epistaxis
   (nose bleeds)
● Retrograde uvuloplasty (for snoring)
● Ablation of tonsil crypts (cryptolysis)

Tongue Biofilm Disruption and Microbial Reduction

The YSGG Waterlase technology has been
shown to improve oral hygiene and wellness.
● Fast
● Painless
● Immediate Results
● Long Lasting Feeling of Fresh Mouth.

Valam Corp. was initially founded to pursue research and development of light based antimicrobial and biofilm disruption therapies.

After revising its business strategy and plan in 2016, the company is in the process of acquiring specific technologies and products with the objective to become an exclusive commercial supplier of clinical solutions and procedures, focused on the ENT market.

Valam established a strong and internationally recognized board of directors and is in the process of building a new executive team that is committed to the Company’s success.